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Pledge and paper!

We are having a Spay/Neuter and Adoption Pledge at Tate plaza March 2nd 11-3. Please come out and buy cat toys and dog biscuits. We will have two cute dogs for people to pet and attract attention. If anyone has a dog up for adoption we would love you to bring them. I have a pen, currently we are just going to have two owned dogs, but still very cute. We will be asking people to Pledge and sign to adopt animals and not buy from puppy stores or breeders and say and neuter their animals. we have tons of info on where and why this can be done. Hope to see many of you there!

Also if you didn’t see we were in the paper today, please read!


Upcoming Events

Currently we are helping transport animals to and from the low cost spay and neuter center for free. We really want to get the word out about this. We already have 4 transports set up and hope to have more. If you would like flyers to hand out please contact us. We are aiming for those who ride buses or do not have cars. This means handing out flyers on a weekend at Kroger or Wal-mart would be ideal. If anyone is interested in putting together a flyering day we would love that. Spring is just around the corner and we DO NOT want anymore litters.

Also we would like to have group outing in March after spring break. It will likely be March 20th (Friday). We can go to a movie, out to dinner, or visit Bear Hollow Zoo. Be thinking about it and let us know at the next meeting.

Wednesday March 4th (not February 25th as previously stated) we will be teaming with Campus Cats to hold a Spay and Neuter Pledge. This will be at Tate. We will be asking people to sign a pledge to fix their animals or help educate one person in their life. We will have materials as to why and where this can be done. Please mark this on your calendar and plan to come help educate. We are also hoping to have a few dogs there.

Lastly a Pit Bull Awareness Day is coming in April… more details soon.