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Adoptions on campus tomorrow

Hey everyone!


Just wanted to remind you that we will have cats from AAHS and a few dogs for adoption tomorrow at the Tate Plaza from 10-3. Come check it out and meet you new best friend!


2nd Annual Canned Food Drive for Critters

November 9 – November 20 we will be collecting canned food and other items to benefit dogs and cats in need around Athens. It will all be donated to either Animal Control, Campus Cats, or the local soup kitchen.

Donate the following items:                        At these places:

*Treats  (no Milkbone type treats)                    *Food Co-Op on Prince

*Canned dog or cat food                                        *Outside Drewry Room

*Small wool/fleece blankets                                         *UGA Main Library

*Dry dog or cat foods                                                          *Pet Supplies Plus

*Rawhides                                                                                *Tate Plaza

*Pig ears, cow hooves, munchy sticks                                              *Tate 2 (1st floor)

*Catnip, Cat treats                                                                            *Ag. Science Building

*First-aid kits (gauze, band-aids, coflex)                                    *Volunteer UGA Resouce Room in Tate

*Frontline spray, Capstar pills

*Earwash or eyewash

*Milk replacer for puppies or kittens


New Officer Applications!

Below are the descriptions of the 5 officer positions we will be filling for the 2010 semesters. Note, we added a public relations position for next semester. Please think about applying, it looks great on a resume and new officers will all be trained by the previous officers and attend a new officer dinner.

To apply write one-two pages on why you want the position and what you would do if you were in the position. You must be a student until December 2010.

If applying for president or public relations coordinator please include one idea, campaign, or promotion idea you would like to see implemented.

E-mail your response to by November 5 or bring it to the meeting on November 5.

President – This is a very creative role. Come up with promotions and events with other executive members, arrange for speakers for meetings, organize events and meeting plans

VP – Support the president, helps create events and promotions, manage and create campus reservations, manage list-serv

Secretary– record meeting minutes, send e-mails to listserv about events, meetings, ect, check e-mail account

Treasurer– handle accounts and reimbursements, make sure running smoothly with Volunteer UGA

PR Coordinator– Contact media regarding events, update blog and facebook, create promotional materials (flyers and bus cards)