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Dr. Andrews Needs Our Help!

Dr. Andrews called me this morning. She needs some help next week doing data entry for dogs going up on a 4/16/10 transport. All dogs need to be entered into Pet Point, an online tracking system that we use to help rescued dogs.  If you can go to the clinic between 9-5 any time during the week, you would be a great help. The sooner they are keyed in the sooner we can make up the files.  You can sit at a laptop with a kitten or puppy on your lap and process the paperwork to help move these guys on to their next home.

And of course, anyone free to go on the transport 4/16/10 would be welcome to go along with them. There should be 70 dogs going north to new homes.

Please forward to anyone you think can help and let Dr. Andrews and me know if you are interested.




Awesome Fostering Story from Gwinnett County Jail

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had a lovely spring break. Below is a link to an inspiring story about an innovative program which is saving shelter dogs and  helping Gwinnett County Jail inmates.

Canines Receive Warm Welcome at Gwinnett Jail

Click the link below and become a fan of this great program on Facebook!

Society of Humane Friends of Georgia- Jail Dogs!