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Last Meeting of the Semester

Hello, everyone!

We hope you’re all having a lovely Thanksgiving break!

The Cans for Critters supply drive was a great success! There were so many donations, and we’re happy to say that all of the generous proceeds will benefit a local animal shelter! (We’ll let you know which shelter will receive the supplies as soon as possible!) Thanks so much for all of your help!

We just have two quick announcements: first, there will be no more meetings until next semester; second, officer elections have been postponed until then.

Thanks so much, and have a great Turkey Day!


Cans for Critters!

Hello everyone!
Great news about the Humane Society Blackout- Forgotten Friends won ALL of the prizes that we wanted! We’re thrilled to say that we now have several amazing gift sets that we will use in a silent auction to raise lots of money for local animal shelters! Thanks for all of your hard work, job well done!
Though the Blackout may be over, Forgotten Friends has an exciting new effort- Cans for Critters!
Cans for Critters is an animal supply donation drive. We’ve put collection boxes all over campus and we’re asking for donations of pet supplies (see below for complete lists of box locations and acceptable donations). We will donate all supplies to local animal shelters to help them during the holiday season.
Acceptable Donation Items:

  • Canned dog or cat food
  • Dry dog or cat food
  • Dog treats (No Milkbone-type)
  • Cat treats
  • Catnip
  • Rawhides
  • Pig ears, cow hooves, “munchy” sticks
  • Small wool/fleece blankets
  • First-aid supplies (gauze, band-aids, coflex, etc.)
  • Frontline spray, Capstar pills
  • Earwash and eyewash
  • Milk replacer for puppies and kittens
Donation box locations:
  • Tate I (in the Center for Student Organizations office)
  • Tate II (near the Print and Copy)
  • Main Library
  • Science Library
  • Bioscience building
  • North Instructional Plaza
  • South Instructional Plaza
  • Memorial Hall
  • Poultry Science building
  • Ecology building
  • Animal Sciences building
  • Veterinary Medicine building
Please help us SPREAD THE WORD! Ask your professors if they would be willing to offer extra credit for donated supplies. Tell your friends, ask them to pick up even a single can of pet food while they are at the grocery store!
Donations will be accepted until November 18th.
Thanks for all of your help!