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Help needed for Colbert transport!

Hey guys! Just wanted to pass along a message I got at work from Dr. Andrews at Colbert Vet Rescue. Their transport is going out Thursday, December 9th and coming back Monday December 13th. I know we have finals and we’re all insanely busy, but I’m just sending this out because they have a few needs before/for the transport, such as:

“We need to find someone who has either a mini-van or larger SUV that would be able to drive with us to Connecticut for the event. There are 2 sets of pups and 3 special needs small dogs that will not be able to go into the big trailer, thus the need. Also, the truck will only seat 4 folks and we have a total of 7 going up. PLEASE – let anyone or everyone know – the gas, accommodations, food (no lobster please) will be paid for by the rescue, but it would get expensive for us to rent a van.”

Any more blankets/bedding/supplies would be greatly appreciated.

AND, if you have any supplies I can come pick them up from you or meet you somewhere on campus (preferably when I can bring my care so I’m not racing around to class with 34879 blankets/bones/whatever.

Thanks guys,